Screen Printer and Designer Jodi Helliwell

Spot of Yellow was a dream of Jodi Helliwell to design, hand screen print and sell her own greeting cards. Which has come to life. Jodi feels there is a market of good, bright, fresh and unique greeting cards. Spot of Yellow also ranges hand screen printed gift tags, wrapping paper and prints.

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Based in Melbourne screen printer and designer Jodi studied Graphic Design at Swinburne, National School of Design, Melbourne. She has worked in the Graphic Design industry for over a decade she still does freelance Graphic Design in studios around Melbourne. When she is not printing.

Jodi is a screen printer with a passion for creating bold and simple yet cheerful hand drawings then screen printed prints. She is inspired by events in her life and many of Jodi’s designs are designed originally for her two children. Jodi has always had a love for drawing and practice most days. She strive to design cards for all occasions. Using bold shapes in it’s simplest form. Firstly she draws all her designs, cleans them up on the computer and either exposes them to make a screen or does paper cut stencils.

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Jodi is inspired by many things when she finds a piece she likes she puts it up on her wall in her home studio. So Jodi can be surrounded with inspirations.

Jodi loves creating fresh and exciting greeting cards. A lot of enjoyment goes into creating every card she makes. Printing by hand is something she just loves to do and pulls prints almost everyday. She is very proud to have a list of independent stores. Jodi’s hopes for the next years is to take part in a trade fair, build her client list and continue to create new and exciting designs that people like to give and receive. Jodi is always making new art.

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