UCA Illustration Student Alice Jamieson

Alice Jamieson is a 3rd year Illustration at the University for the Creative Arts, she has just illustrated the book ‘Just An Inkling’ for her Degree.

Alice Jamieson - The Leaf - Loneliness 600px

‘I have spent the last three years studying Illustration at the University for the Creative Arts. I chose Illustration as it encompassed two things that I love. Drawing and stories. I specialise in illustrating narratives and have a particular interest in writing and illustrating my own created narratives which are rooted in reality, but have a touch of the fantastical.’

Alice Jamieson - Nessie 600px

‘I have never been fond of the idea of growing up and leaving childhood dreams and wonder behind. I am inspired by the way that children can see beyond what is in front of them and use their imagination to create these completely crazy worlds and situations. I enjoy using this inspiration to create imagery and stories that appeal to both children and adults.

I have recently completed an illustrated book called ‘Just An Inkling’ for my Degree, which follows the journey of a man searching for an idea. I will be exhibiting it this summer at my Graduate Show at Free Range and at New Designers. Now that I have finished my degree, I am already working on more ideas for illustrated stories, but also enjoying creating new stand alone images and exploring my skills further through short personal projects.’

Alice Jamieson - The Leaf - The Dandelion Path 600px

Alice Jamieson - Just An Inkling - The Idea 600px

Alice Jamieson - Just An Inkling - Taking Flight 600px

Alice Jamieson - Fire 600px

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