CLOSED Win a Place on Module 3 The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design #YDSPP


To kick off our ‘Young Designers Survival Prize Pack’ for summer, we have teamed up with Make it in Design, the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course & The MOYO Directory. All summer we are going to reward all graduates for 2014 with prizes which will kick start their summer and first year in industry after completing their degree. Make it in Design are launching a new Module 3 for the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course, they have kindly offered one place for 1 lucky reader on the course (worth £359.)


Module 3 is a five week online course where you will learn everything you need to know to monetise your designs! The classroom is accessible 24/7 so you can join us from anywhere in the world, and fit the course into your busy life. The course includes freelancing, licensing, selling outright, manufacturing and more! Module 3 includes free access to leading trend forecasting site Stylesight for a limited period AND our little black book of industry contacts!

How to Enter

“#YDSPP I want to win this week’s prize from @SurfacePatternD & @designjuices http://tinyurl.com/o3qv2ws”

  • Comment with your favourite surface pattern designer in the comments below.


It includes the following:

• How to identify multiple streams of income for your designs

• How to sell and license your designs (what they don’t teach you at art school)

• The ins and outs of freelancing

• How to get into manufacturing your own product

• How to choose the right distribution channel for you

• How to negotiate a contract that is right for you

• How not to get ripped off

• How to manage your time and money

• How to manage stock levels

• How to get a job in design

• How to stay motivated & make money


• How to create a pattern portfolio to show to potential clients

• How to apply patterns to mock up product templates and room sets

• How to turn a placement print into a technical repeat for wallpaper or fabric

• How to design a Trade Show Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

• Invaluable industry info such as colour print specifications for both paper goods & textiles


You will this by actually creating a mini portfolio for potential licensing clients, a trade show plan and a business development plan. PLUS you will learn everything you need to know about trade shows (getting in, getting ready, getting customers) AND our money-can’t-buy bonus little black book of industry contacts! And if that wasn’t enough, you also get full access to leading trend forecasting site Stylesight for 90 days (this alone is worth more than the entire cost of the course!


MOYO Directory

Free subscription through to 31st January. The MOYO directory gives you direct access to talented designers from across the world for free. Search by design expertise, browse portfolios, find out more about them and contact designers directly. Use the search function to help you find your designer now. The MOYO directory is a one stop shop for companies looking to hire talent or find freelancers so you need to be part of it! Showcase your work, share your social media links and network with other designers – all for less than the cost of a single advert on any leading design blog.


MOYO directory was founded by internationally acclaimed surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor and award-winning entrepreneur Beth Kempton to connect designers worldwide with job opportunities, and provide a place to showcase their work in the company of other designers. Rachael and Beth are also co-founders of MOYO, the world’s first online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design and the wildly popular design school ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’.


  • Entries must be made by Monday 16th June Midnight GMT.
  • You are allowed one entry per day via Twitter or Comment(s).
  • Please use your correct email when entering via comments below (so we can contact you if you win.)
  • Design Juices will pick the winner at random, our say is final.
  • The course starts January 12th – February 14th 2015.
  • Anyone can enter, giveaway not exclusive to graduates.

Young Designers Survival Prize Pack

The Young Designers Survival Prize Pack is going to take place throughout June and July, we wanted to reward graduates and Design Juices readers with a selection of prizes which would be perfect for all creative graduates this summer!

  • http://josiemaskell.co.uk Josie Maskell

    favourite surface pattern designer hmmm, rosie simons is one of my favourites, william morris is the classic boss of all pattern :)

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    thanks for your entry josie, Rosie is a brilliant shout!

  • MaryJane Mitchell

    I have to say that Sarah Campbell is my favorite and also Zandra Rhodes. They are textile divas and icon of the best kind.

  • Ali Benyon

    My all time fave is Lotta Jansdotter, but I’m loving Zoe Ingram right now!

  • http://malulenzi.com Malu Lenzi

    Oh my! so many favourites! I can say that right now my inspiring/favourite is Helen Dardik. :)

  • skilliard

    My favorite designer is Nina Campbell. Some time ago I saw one of her wallpapers but did not know who made it. So I took a photo with my iPhone and found out via Googles reverse picture search that it was her Aquarium design.

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    Both great choices Mary!

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    hadn’t seen Lotta’s work, will go research her now.

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    it’s hard to nail just one person right Malu?

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    The power of google right?

  • http://www.runnycustard.co.uk/ Lenny Carter

    whilst I agree with Ali’s comment and I have several books by Lotta Jansdotter, and I drool over the V&A’s book on 1950’s pattern books… I’m finding an that my current favourite Artist who, is not strictly a surface pattern designer but their work has been used on wallpaper, textiles and clothing to be an inspiration to me… Lisa Congdon! (ps: I’ve actually completed module 1 of the ABSPD course and it was fantastic… and would love to do the other modules too :-)

  • Lianne Evers

    What a fun iniative! A difficult one too :-) So many lovely designers to choose from. One of my favourites that hasn’t been named yet is Clarissa Hulse. I love her work for her choice of bold and brave colours, her powerful natural shapes and her mix and match style of putting different patterns together.

  • Ana de Lara

    Mmm, there are so many designers that I admire, love the work of patternpeople! I started with pattern design thanks to their blog and books!

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    we hear nothing but great things about each and every module, its definitely something even I’m tempted to try!

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    I will go research her work Lianne!

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    Lovely recommendation thanks ana.

  • Megan Thomas

    So many great artists out there, it’s difficult to choose one. But at the moment, I find Sarah Bagshaw to be a great inspiration, great use of colour and shape!

  • http://monkeyshine.com.au Brigitte de Villiers

    I too have many favourites. Do they have to be contemporary? If not, then it’s Lucienne Day. If they need to be current, then Dante Terzigni is my number one at present.

  • Carrie Cousins

    with so many great designers out there, how do you just pick one?

  • Lauren Bates

    My all time favourite designer is Paul Smith. Creating classic menswear with a subtle twist. Perfect combination of design, colour and play.

  • http://www.moirai.co.uk Lauren Bates

    My all time favourite designer is Paul Smith. Creating classic menswear with a subtle twist. Perfect combination of design, colour and play!

  • Ann-Maree Milosevic

    My favourite designer is Wendy Kendall!

  • http://www.rhianbowley.com/ Rhian

    Lisa Congdon’s creations always make me happy.

  • http://www.dearelise.com.au Kathrin

    My all time favourite designer is Alice Burrows

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    thanks megan.

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    I’m off to polish up on these now.

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    it’s too hard right carrie? Probably everyone always lists 3-4!

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    left field, good choice though!

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    thanks for entering ann

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    anything that makes you happy is the way forward!

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  • Julia Allum

    I love the simple bold shapes & patterns of Orla Kiely

  • Catherine

    I really admire Ellie Cashman at present – the detail she produces – very skilful!

  • MaryJane Mitchell

    OK, so I am back to let everyone know another designer that I really admire who designs great fabrics too, Heather Ross

  • http://monkeyshine.com.au Brigitte de Villiers

    How did the polishing go? 😉

  • http://www.katecruise.co.uk Kate Cruise

    I have recently discovered the beautiful surface pattern designs of Jong Mee.

  • http://society6.com/DanBevis Daniel Bevis

    I’m fairly new to the world of Surface Pattern Design [being more of a graphic & t-shirt designer], but at the moment I’m loving the works of Sophie Honeybelle [@SKHoneybelle on Twitter].

    Her use of organic, overlapping shapes, mixture of simple and complex pieces, and use of colour.

  • louise wright

    I adore the company ISAK and the wonderful designs they create :) x

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    I’m off to research them now, thanks louise

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    thumbs up, we love her too.

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/ Jared Thompson

    we will have to find her also.

  • louise wright

    you won’t be disappointed! x

  • Lindsey Portas

    I love Miss Print’s designs and 50’s designer Lucienne Day! Zoe Murphy is also a favourite too, she screen prints onto furniture and has beautiful handwriting and drawing skills.

  • Barbara Holt

    I am going back in time a bit, but I really like Vera Neumann.

  • Dewi Citra

    This is so difficult… So many designers that I adore. For this time I adore Steffie Brocoli