20 Impressive Promotional Website Designs

Every designer loves those projects that allow a bit more creative freedom than the cut and dry business website. While “normal” websites still should include creativity to stand out, promotional websites are the ones that web designers have room to develop some crazy cool designs. In fact, if you are looking for some inspiration, promotional web designs are probably the best place to start.

The following list of 20 impressive promotional website designs include anything from product promotions to event promotions to awareness sites. All of them are beautifully creative and include stunning graphics and photography. Most of them also include some type of interaction in the design. If you have time, be sure to play around on each of these sites. You won’t be disappointed!

Death is Coming


This incredible website is a preview for the full tribute website to the HBO show Game of ThronesSarit Evrani created this parallax scrolling design using Webydo‘s code free website design suite to display 10 characters and 10 horrific deaths. This clever design includes illustrations of a raven, a creepy medicine man, and a baby that turns into a skeleton as you scroll down the page. Very morbid and clever, indeed!

Batman: Arkham Knight


With a full screen slider display immediately on the home page featuring the different gimmicks found on this website, the initial impression is one of awe, especially, I’m sure, for batman video game fanatics. The batmobile specs and 3D interactive view is extremely engaging and includes detailed specs that draw fans into the story of the game even more.

The Art of Texture


This beautiful website promoting the art of Tom Lawrence reveals his story in an engaging way. The website begins with a full screen image of a couch and collage art piece. The photo includes button links to videos explaining his process of turning trash into collage art. As you scroll down the page, hovering over the images brings pop up text telling bits and pieces of his story. This website does an excellent job of keeping viewers engaged and interested from beginning to end.

The Universal Typeface


Created by BIC, the ballpoint pen company, this website is an exploration of handwriting. The audio/ video question posed during the loading of the site is what would a universal typeface look like? This website allows visitors to explore handwriting submitted by choosing to view by gender, age, country, and left or right handedness. You can even submit your own handwriting sample. The really clever part is that moving the cursor over a letter in the homepage slider reveals the different samples submitted.

The StylePit LookBook


This clever online lookbook is quite interactive with an animated page you can choose to scroll automatically or at your own speed. Clicking on the X’s brings up outfit product boxes with images, prices, paired clothing, and a Buy Product button.

Festival Des Batisseurs


The Festival Des Batisseurs (Builder’s Fest) event in Quebec allows anyone to be a builder for a day at the famous family-friendly festival. The website itself is enough to get anyone excited about the festival with a full screen video slider at the top of the page, a beautiful mostly flat design, minimal yet excellently organized information, and an image slider with high quality photos of past events.

Newton Running


This website starts out with a promotional full screen slideshow of the brand mission and their product in use. While the menu page seems quite simple (making navigation quite easy), the animated transitions and interactive features make this page fun to browse but easy to find specific information.

Free Icon Font


A stand out website for a freebie is not easily found, but this site definitely fits this description. A gorgeous layout, flat design, bright colors, and simple animations make this promotional website quite memorable, long after downloading (and possibly donating to) the free font.

Transitions 1020


The promotional website for the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera phone, also sponsored by the Burton clothes brand, contains stunning full screen photographs (taken with the Lumia phone, of course) of different towns visited in New Zealand South Island. Each location and accompanying set of full screen photographs comes with a story of locals, tourist attractions, all specifically related to board sports.

Ymuno Summer


The minimal layout of this site is perfect for tight organization of lots of information. The navigation menu starts at the bottom of the introductory full screen image and centered title, but as visitors scroll down the page, the navigation bar floats to the top and sticks there for the rest of the scrolling experience. The layout alternates between beautiful images in neat boxed grids and full width photos and even a video of past festivals.

The Brooklyn Brewery Mash


Brooklyn Brewery‘s tour website does an excellent job of keeping the focus on the event. The most important information comes first and is easy to find in this minimal layout. Short snippets that give glimpses of this fun event and gets viewers excited about the tour are strategically placed throughout the page. Plus, the design itself is simply cool to view, with textures and appealing colors and photos.

AYR SS14 Edition


The lookbook for the Spring and Summer 2014 Collections for AYR, a high end women’s clothing store, uses a full screen slideshow to display different pieces. Each photo in the slideshow comes with a description and button to shop that specific line. The site even comes with a navigation menu to jump to any chapter on the page and ends with a promo code to use during checkout.

Dock by Crestyl


The transitions between images in the large photo slider and between pages are a stunning 3D look, which adds a very elegant style to this high class apartment complex in Prague. The navigation menu button on the right side of the page is easy to locate. When clicked on, a menu slickly slides out across the center of the page.

Aether Cone


As brilliant as the technology of the Aether Cone is its promotional website. This single page design is a full screen slider that includes promotional images, videos, interactive explorations, specs, and a Reserve Yours call to action slide.

Boston Hoops


Created by John Boilard, the producer of a traveling poster show called The National Poster Retrospecticus, this website project came from his love of basketball and the desire to find locations in and around Boston, Massachussetts to play. Scrolling down this single page design, a basketball icon in the center of the page “falls” through hoops in different locations. Underneath each hoop is the name and location, with a link to Google Maps.

Art of the Cap


A minimal website design helps the stories stand out on this promotional website for limited edition Olympic swimming caps from Speedo USA. Each one of the cap designs was created by creative artists and worn by members of the US Olympic swim team for different causes. The homepage is simple with link boxes that lead to pages that explain each cap, design, cause, swimmer, and artist. The pages for each cap includes a video, stunning pictures, and the story behind the design.

Essentials MIJLO


MIJLO created a Kickstarter fundraiser for their new sustainable backpack, and to raise awareness, they contacted creative professionals asking them to gather a creative collection of items to pack in a unique bag. Viewers can browse through the funny, interesting, and inspiring photos either by the thumbnail images on the home page or by clicking through the slideshow. MIJLO does a great job of including prompts to view and support their own backpack creation on each page.

Shure Microphones


The Shure Microphone promotional page provides lots of interaction to keep visitors exploring this well-laid out website design. The one page design uses full screen pop up windows for the in-depth explanation of the technology and various microphone models. Beautiful product images keep this page appealing even to non-musicians.

Pushpa Project


This stunning one-page website was built for the Pushpa Project, a movement to raise awareness of gendercide and specifically female infanticide and female foeticide. With gorgeous images, beautiful backgrounds and graphics, and an excellent color scheme, this website breaks up a lot of information very well and keeps readers engaged and interested the entire length of the page.

Toyota Tundra Interactive Backyard


For those with time to burn, the Toyota Tundra promotional website provides an interesting “walk” through a backyard with tips on how to create and care for your own…using a Toyota Tundra, of course. For so much going on in this site, it loads and moves between sections very smoothly. Similar to Google’s street view, visitors to this site can drag around the yard to see clickable icons for tips, instructions, information on the Tundra, and even videos. Quite impressive!

Which of the above promotional websites was your favorite? Were there any that you would have designed differently if given the opportunity? Tell us about it in the comments below!