Contemporary Glass Artist Samantha Donaldson

Samantha Donaldson is a contemporary glass artist, she completed her degree at De Montfort University in 2009 and Masters at the Royal College of Art in 2012.

1. Large 'Vug'

‘I started my studies at De Montfort University, Leicester (2006-2009), on a Design Crafts Degree. After exploring all the workshops and a variety of materials, I found myself continually drawn back to the hot glass studio. I could see the potential to explore freely, expressively and sculpturally. This is where my fascination with this curious material began.

When I graduated from De Montfort I was successfully selected to stay as an Artist in Resident. I used this precious year to experiment and develop my professional portfolio, allowing me to achieve my dream of studying my Masters at the Royal College of Art, London (2010-2012). Since graduation my journey and exciting career as a maker has just begun.’

5. 'Fragment Pendant'

‘Rock collections fascinate me. I am particularly interested in ‘Lapidaries’, the professional craftsmen that became skilled at cutting precious stones to obtain the best possible optical effects. I create one-off sculptural blown and solid glass forms exploring individual specimens that capture the succession of events and hint at the transformation to their present state. Minerals such as agate form under intense pressure and heat, I am intrigued by the way that such multi-layered and multi-coloured order forms out of such chaos.

An associated interest of mine is ‘Stratigraphy’, the study of rock layering. Deposition of one layer is separated from the next by a clear interval or change in texture, colour, or mineralogy. Layers may merge with one another so that boundaries between them are unclear.

As I cut and polish the surfaces of my specimens, my excitement of enquiring cutting techniques liberate the curious lore of this precious material and bring my forms to life. I thrill to see the freshly exposed interior, revealing the captured fragments.’

6. 'Strata Rings'

‘I am intrigued by the interactions between humans and objects, how one encounters an unfamiliar object of desire. I continually investigate ideas of curating collections using strategies of display, to stage and create my own individual ‘museum’. Collections that I hope will evoke associations as others experience and encounter these seductive and magical curiosities.

Alongside my sculptural objects for the home and unique public spaces, I have recently launched my contemporary glass jewellery collection. While revealing these ‘hidden’ qualities, I started exploring small sculptural pieces that can adorn the body. The intricately crafted cut facets on these exquisite statement jewellery pieces produce rainbows of colours when subjected to direct sunlight. Designed to be admired by others and adored by you.’

7. 'Agate Earrings'

‘The Design Trust awarded me ‘Most promising creative and entrepreneurial designer maker” at the MADE London Contemporary Craft Show in 2013. This has truly helped me grow and encourage me to continue to create the work that I so love to make.’

4. 'Ice Vug'

3. Medium 'Vug'

2. Large 'Vug'

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