Falmouth University Illustration Graduate Bridie Cheeseman

Bridie Cheeseman recently finished her BA in Illustration at Falmouth University.


‘I was on the foundation course at Falmouth too, so reaching the end of these 4 years feels pretty strange. It was a great place to be, and so good to be around so many other creative people! It’s really inspiring to work around other people and I find it motivating too, so I hope this is something I will be able to continue now that I’ve graduated.

I like to work with thick and colourful gouache. I try to paint images of imaginary places that are full of interesting ideas and characters. Narratives are something I am interested in and they play a big part in my work. Every illustration is based on some kind of story I have been inspired by or something that is happening in my head. My paintings are often full, bright and lively, and they sometimes have a hint of mystery or darkness to them. I use characters in my work to create different feelings or atmospheres.’


‘Recently I’ve been working on a funny children’s book about a wrinkly elephant, and another little book called ‘Wunderkammer’ or Cabinet of Curiosities. This was created for an exhibition and was a really fun project to experiment with working in a book form. I’ve got some more exciting projects coming up that I’m looking forward to starting on! I’m also part of a collaborative with 8 other illustration graduates called Fold. It’s a publication we produce every 2-3 months where each person’s image is inspired by the illustration on the previous page with the aim to make a story. We started it in our second year as a way of playing around with different ideas and working together on something. We are now planning for our tenth issue, which is really exciting!’





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