Freelance Graphic Designer Bethany Kemp

Bethany Kemp recently completed her BA Honours degree in Design at New College Nottingham, she has also exhibited this summer at New Designers.


‘I have a real passion for illustrative design and enjoy working with a mixture of traditional and digital media – often drawing something by hand and then ‘tweaking’ and building upon my ideas using digital enhancements and processes. I enjoy the experimental side of the design process and because of this; my work covers variety of design disciplines and methods. From vector graphics and brand identity, to surface pattern, hand-written typography and children’s illustration – even dabbling in a bit of animation – my work really is a mixed bag! My love for illustration definitely feeds into my graphic design work and vice-versa – I like to blur the lines between the two and this is evident in a lot of my more recent projects. I would say that my work often has a quirky feel to it but I maintain a hint of sophistication through choice of colour palette and overall technique.’


‘I always aim to keep in mind the marketability of my projects and I continuously think about ways in which there is scope for more. For example, for my latest project, I developed my own brand of subscription beauty boxes. Not only did I create the overall brand identity and additional promotional material, I also established the business concept and plan behind the brand – giving it much more depth as well as the potential for it to be turned into a business. It gave ‘FOXBOX’ the ‘believability factor’ and I although it was challenging at times, it was exciting to develop the creative side of the project as well as taking a step back now and again to look at it from a business perspective -considering how my creative choices would work in a commercial sense. I like to think that my work goes beyond being purely about the creative side of things – I always aim to give my work some purpose and meaning and I enjoy seeing how far I can push things.’


‘Having completed my BA Honours degree in Design at New College Nottingham, I’ve had the opportunity to exhibit at ‘New Designers’ in London for the past two years where I have had a lot of positive feedback. My children’s book, ‘Strange Things’ managed to make it into Digital Arts’ round-up of the ‘Best of New Designers’ in 2013 and I’ve also had lots of interest in my work this year. I’m always inspired by fellow creatives and I enjoy seeing what else is out there so networking events like this have proven to be invaluable for me and my work.’





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