Freelance Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer Ashley Lotecki

Ashley Lotecki is a freelance designer based in Canada who specializes in illustration and surface pattern designs.


‘I have a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communications (2006) and a Masters of Art in Fashion (2012), both from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For over eight years, I’ve worked as a designer in the fashion industry, illustrating, creating original graphics and patterns, brand identities, and developing collections for well-known companies under both private and licensed brands. I recently made the move to starting a studio working under my own name for the first time. I also spend some of my time as a university instructor, teaching digital illustration and brand identity development.’


‘I love to create whimsical works and find a lot of inspiration in memories of growing up in the Canadian Prairies and childhood explorations at my grandparents’ farm where there were all manner of antiques and curiosities. My creative aesthetic is asymmetrical and playful, frequently described as quirky. For me, every line segment and component of my artwork is an opportunity to express a visual story and convey the feeling of fun and liveliness, regardless of the content. Whether I’m illustrating a human being, a snail with a mustache, hand-lettered text, or an inanimate object, I embrace the opportunity to show personality in every shape and line to bring the piece to life. I like to start with loose pencil sketches and reference those when I start working digitally which I find helps translate my style more organically. I primarily work in vector using Adobe Illustrator and switch to Photoshop when I want to add in textures or other effects to the artwork.’


‘Currently, I’m in the process of building up my client roster as a freelancer and reaching out to companies that I would love to work with. I’ve been focusing my energy on building up my portfolio with illustrations and a solid range of surface pattern collections that fully represent my aesthetic, working towards breaking in to both commission-based and licensed markets. Right now one of my biggest goals is to build a partnership with a textile industry that will allow me to develop a fabric range suited for the bolt fabric market. My surface patterns have been very well received in a few international competitions and were showcased in UPPERCASE Magazine’s Surface Pattern Design Guide which has been very encouraging. Some other projects I am currently working on are an illustrated greeting card commission and a series of prints based on geographical bodies of water that are heavily focused on original hand-lettering.’




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