Freelance Illustrator Natasha Phipps

Natasha Phipps is a freelance illustrator who is graduating from the University of Northampton in Illustration.


‘I am just taking my first steps outside of education and I’m excited (if not a little bit nervous) to see where my feet will take me. This summer I’ll be graduating from the University of Northampton where I’ve spent the last three years studying for a degree in Illustration. It’s an exciting time – I’ve just had my degree show exhibition and it was really great to receive some positive feedback from peers and industry.

The exhibition featured my latest work from a self directed brief I’ve spent the last year developing. I took inspiration from Lafcadio Hearn’s book Kwaidan: Studies and Stories of Strange things, which the title from the project is derived from. The book is filled with Japanese folk tales and is a collection from Hearn’s journey to a foreign land. I chose one tale in particular that inspired me to create the mountainous and forest landscapes, where goblin foxes and furry things are said to dwell.’

mountain path

‘I enjoy creating the strange shapes and odd creatures I find in my imagination and during my final year of study I had began to look at the organic studies of Ernst Haeckel, the strange prints of Odilon Redon and illustrations of Arthur Rackham which I found inspiring. I hope to take these influences with me as I began my journey into freelance illustration as the past year has been a challenging but rewarding one.’



forest path

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