Graphic Communication Student Samantha Withers

Samantha Withers is a Graphic Communication Student at the University of South Wales.


‘I think that being able to make a career out of something I love to do everyday is a pretty darn good thing. Now it may sound clichéd, but creating things really is something I loved to do from an early age. From making things out of K’nex as a kid or drawing out silly ideas, being creative and making my own designs is something I always enjoyed more than sitting in a science class. Studying Graphic Design at GCSE level made me realise that I could pursue a career doing something I was so passionate about, and now entering my final year at university in Cardiff, I can see that this was the degree I was meant to study.

I love to draw pretty much anything and am happiest when doing it. I’m passionate about typography, geometry, modernism, jazz and Humphrey Bogart. I get inspired by music and general everyday life, but I also take inspiration from various art movements like Art Deco and Bauhaus, and design that’s around today. I like to create sketches and pieces in various different styles to try and challenge myself, so a lot of my work looks completely different from one another. One project that demonstrates this is a Tshirt design I created for an online shop called Mister Dress Up.’


‘At the moment I’m working on my own website as I’m really getting into web design, and a logo rebrand for a local DJ group called Clockworks. I’d love to delve more into the world of typography and lettering, and perhaps even web, and aim to work at a design agency (which could be anywhere in the world!) when I finish my studies, but let’s just see where my degree takes me!’





Website | @_SamWithers