University of Gloucestershire Graphic Design Graduate Garreth Bayliss

Garreth Bayliss has just graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in Graphic Design, after ‘an amazing three years of learning and experimenting.’

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‘My work is based around the idea being the most important aspect and using simplicity to engage people with information. One of my favourite projects I’ve worked on this year was the Morality Code, which is a set of books looking at doping in sport from the athlete’s perspective. I focused on some of the most shocking quotes and information I found in my research to show the reader everything is not always as it seems from the outside.

I get inspiration from many different people not just designers, but some of my favourite designers are Dieter Rams, Barbara Kruger and Matt Willey. I’m currently doing freelance work and looking for internships to learn from people whose work I admire, to help me keep improving as a designer.’

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