Graphic Design Graduate Kirsty Dalton

Graphic design graduate Kirsty Dalton has just completed her studies at Falmouth University, she finds her strength and enjoyment lies in design for print.


‘Whilst studying at Falmouth the idea has always been key, I have thoroughly enjoyed this focus on idea generation. After attending a bookbinding workshop in first year I have developed a passion for designing and making books by hand. This shows through in my portfolio with a strong focus on editorial and book design, alongside branding and packaging projects.’


‘I love hands on projects, as I really enjoy the making and crafting part of the process. I like to craft as much as I can within projects by taking my own photographs and often using handwriting or hand drawn lettering within my work. My interests lie predominantly within design for print as I appreciate the tactile nature of physical outcomes. I enjoy collecting things, papers, magazines and anything that visually inspires me.

One of my final year projects was a book based on the experience of a kiss, using real anonymous stories to communicate what a kiss could mean to different people. Using real stories made the book more engaging, I even found myself reading over the stories again and again whilst designing the pages. I designed, printed and hand bound the whole book. Another recent project was a re brand of an independent bar and restaurant, based on the idea of the experience being a little different each time. I used rubber stamps and designed the menus to be printed daily to communicate the slight differences day to day. I enjoy projects that have a nice thought behind them and working towards that idea being communicated in a simple and effective way.’


‘I am really looking forward to getting into the industry, I start my first internship later this month at a publishing company in my hometown of Chester. I am currently organising other internships to explore different areas of design, whilst continuing to make books in my spare time.’




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