Illustration Graduate Emma Black

Emma Black graduated from the University of Westminster in 2012, with a first class honours degree in illustration.


‘Prior to my university degree I had always lived in very rural areas of England, so moving to London was a change but made me realise how much I missed living in the countryside, which has really fueled my work. I take a lot of inspiration from the natural world and our views towards it, and like to spend time exploring it in order to create work which has deep rooted meanings in nature, animals and the current changes the world is going through.

My creative process always starts with my sketchbooks, where I like to make careful graphite pencil studies. I am very much a process artist who likes to create work through experimentation. I usually produce very detailed drawings, which will then be played with and coloured in photoshop, and combined with other unpredictable elements such as mono print. I really like the juxtaposition of using traditional and digital methods, and also the combination drawing and printmaking to create pieces which are both loose and restricted at the same time.’


‘Since graduating I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator. I have also been working on a few different personal projects and running a small handmade jewellery brand ‘Kiss The Future’ on the side, which has been keeping me busy!’