Illustration Graduate Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Quinn is an Illustrator who has just completed her studies at the Manchester School of Art.


‘As an Illustrator, I love to work with a figurative approach, as I prefer to retain a sense of realism in my drawing. I use a traditional method of working, mainly beginning my illustrations with intricate pencil line, as I love to get into the details of a piece. I then like to take my drawing and play with it digitally in terms of colour.

Subconsciously, I have always been influenced by strong cinematic composition. I personally feel that the more contrasts there are within a piece, the more visually interesting it becomes. Pushing the boundaries of perspective is always at the forefront of my mind, playing with extremes of angle, lighting and space, allowing me to convey a sense of mood. This is an element I had the time to focus on and experiment with while studying at Manchester School of Art. Most recently I practiced this in my project work based on the dark and sullen Graham Greene novel, ‘Brighton Rock’.’


‘I have recently come to the end of my BA(Hons) in Illustration which has given me the drive and capability to continue with a creative methodology I am truly excited about.’





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