Middlesex University Illustration Graduate Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a recent Illustration graduate from Middlesex University.


‘I grew up in Felixstowe which is a small seaside town in Suffolk. I’ve been skateboarding for ten years now and I would say that’s the main reason I found my way into being a creative person, because it has given me the eyes to look at objects in a different way . I did My foundation at Suffolk New College in Ipswich, mainly looking to focus on photography. But after a few sessions of drawing some of the tutors extremely crazy still life installations, I was advised that I should try focusing my efforts in Illustration. This is when I started drawing religiously and I haven’t looked back since. My tutors at college and university have influenced the direction of my work a lot and I am extremely thankful for their enthusiasm and passion for art and illustration.’


‘Drawing is what I am passionate about. Translating an idea into marks on a surface is extremely satisfying to me and I always keep an open mind for what medium I am going to use for a particular project. I like to expand out and try new ways of working with new materials to keep that feeling of maximum exploration as I draw. I make zines, prints, books and recently took my drawings onto furniture and am looking to continue this idea further – as the finished installation i produced for my degree show felt very raw and I want to make more work like that. Nearly all of the ideas for my projects start off as doodles in a sketchbook, where they are then taken and developed towards a particular theme or brief. When creating an illustration I always set out with the idea that the general atmosphere of the image is the most important aspect of it. I never really fixate on a final outcome, I just draw and draw until I have enough to play with.’


‘I am inspired by all aspects of life, but have a fondness for darkness, distortion, fuzziness and things of slightly weird and chaotic nature. Although I do enjoy a clean finish, nothing beats a nice bit of mess from time to time!

I’m aiming to work as a freelance illustrator and I am available for commissions. I find briefs just as fun as my own personal projects, so it really would be my dream job.’




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