Mixed Media Textiles & Fine Art Graduate Alice Du Port

Alice Du Port has just graduated from Bath Spa University in Creative Arts: Mixed Media Textiles and Fine Art.

alice du port

‘Before my second year at university, I had never thought seriously about printmaking. In my first year, I studied creative writing and textiles, but dropped writing in favour of art, mainly because I didn’t like anyone reading my writing! Even so, I still like the idea of incorporating a narrative within my work and gather a lot of my inspiration from literature. I have a background in textiles, having studied it at school, and even though I still enjoy it, print has become my main focus. The Creative Arts course I studied at Bath Spa University is unique in that it allows students to pick two subjects and study them simultaneously, producing two self initiated projects at the end of the year. The way you spend the year is up to you, and it is this freedom that made me think beyond conventional boundaries.

I like printmaking because it sits on the line between fine art and graphics. It is the process of printmaking that makes it such a lovely way to work. Most of the time, the print room at university was filled with students producing Graphics work, but I like to use the screen printing process as a way of mark making; applying the ink like a painter. I am purposefully careless with the way I work.’


‘For me, the creative process begins with photography. I like analogue cameras for their unpredictability; I find digital is sometimes too thought-out and ‘clean’. Pinhole cameras make for abstract washes of colour with no clear definition. This has always inspired my more ambiguous prints. I think it’s important to have a colour palette that suits you work and many of my colours are taken from my photographs. Themes of place and identity have always been a great influence in my work. Sometimes a place of personal significance subconsciously works its way into my thought process, which I find interesting to work from. Bookbinding is a relatively new technique to me which I think enhances my work and brings a narration to the prints. It is also a technique that requires time, patience and attention to detail, which is a good contrast to my sometimes chaotic work.’

Alice Du port


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