Multi-media Illustrator and Animation Artist Nicole So

Multi-media illustrator and animation artist Nicole So completed her education at the School of Visual Arts in 2009 studying animation.


‘Most of the things that I produce involves a lot of visual and mental interaction so a lot of my art pieces/animation are extremely colorful, have tons of multimedia going on and have all of these underlying themes and meanings. I also absolutely love channeling the idea behind looking at an abstract/impressionist painting or illustration and seeing it moving from your eyes to your mind for most of my free form artworks.

I am definitely a storyteller at heart so there’s a backstory to almost anything I create. For example, I was eating a chocolate rabbit a couple weeks back and while I was snacking on this guy I noticed it looked very depressed so naturally for me it was kind of hilarious because I have this thing with cute unhappy little characters leading terrible lives. I get the most inspiration for stories from what genuinely makes me laugh because when I find things humorous, I go on this extreme tangent and just end up making up situations that are totally ridiculous which then I HAVE to draw because I like sharing my crazy stories with other people that might also find it funny.’

‘I say the biggest contributor for my art that has also shaped some of my storytelling would definitely be my experience at the School of Visual Arts (SVA ’09) studying Animation, not only because of the classes but mainly because of the people I met there. During my 4 years there I would say I was heavily influenced by comedic geniuses like Monty Python (Flying Circus, Holy Grail), Tim and Eric, South Park, Spongebob Squarepants, various stand up comedies, Brad Neely and various web comedies like College Humor. Big influences that I grew up with in the past would be all of the old school nickelodeon cartoons such as Rocko’s Modern Life and Dexter’s Lab, Camp Lazlo, Chowder, Flapjack, Harry Potter, Pusheen and Simon’s Cat animations were a big contributor to this day as well.’


‘Currently, I am working on a series of comics and gags that are all drawn on post-its on my Little Cheddar site which I am very proud of. I think that site is a great representation of the kind of quirky innocent spirit and the strangely disturbed foodie that I am simultaneously. I have always wanted to create a series of something involving regular characters in odd and humorous adventures. So far I have been working on three different series, one is about a time traveling owl and cat named Astro-owl and Kittynaut, the other is about a depressed orphan rabbit named Krause with his snail buddy and the last one is about 3 birds and a fox in disguise as a bird fighting spoiled produce who calls themselves the wing friends.’





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