NUA Illustration Graduate Amy Higgins

Amy Higgins has recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts, with a Batchelor Honour degree in Illustration.


‘I found the course really inspiring. Before I chose what university I wanted to go to, I thought Illustration was very digital based and very narrow, and was more persuaded to look for Fine Art courses. Norwich showed me how diverse Illustration can be. My second year was an important turning point for me, as I found my love for mark- making again and starting to explore the use of collage to the end of my second year and throughout my third year. The city is great for any creative student, there are so many opportunities to get your work out there whilst studying. My fellow peers and I have exhibited at a number of venues around Norwich as well as making creative workshops for the public.’


‘My work focuses primarily on shape and colour. I love to combine new colour combinations in my work. Every time I start a project, I create a colour palette in order for me to understand how I should incorporate it in my images. I like to be very hands on when I make work, I find it more playful and enjoyable, so I prefer to physically make them rather than digital. However I still put it through a digital process to tidy them up a bit and to make multiple prints. I was influenced by the artists Russell Mills and Eric Carle when I started to use mark-making for my work. I use cut outs of my mark-making, as well as coloured acetate and tracing paper and start assembling them on the page. My main influences are the works of Miroslav Sasek and Kveta Pacovska. Saseks books I find quite charming and I love his use of bold colours. Kveta Pacovska’s playful use of block colored shapes and lines have really inspired me over the last year. I haven’t used much use of line in my work , but this is something I want to start incorporating in my images.’


‘I was very excited to have 4 illustrated vinyl sleeves exhibited at Secret 7″ this year. I am also currently planning a creative workshop for ‘Have A Go Festival’ in Norwich in August, and hope to carry on creating more creative workshops throughout the year. I have a placement working with Owen Gildersleeve this summer, so I’m extremely excited for the next couple of months. I have a few picture book ideas that I want to explore as well as just creating personal projects for myself, to add to my ever growing portfolio.’




Website | @picturesbyAmy | Tumblr