NUA Illustration Graduate Charli Vince

Charli Vince is a Norwich based illustrator who recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts.


‘I previously studied for my Foundation Diploma at Colchester Institute and it’s here that I discovered illustration was the path for me.

Coming from a fine art background had lead me down all manner of roads, none of which fitted my personal practice, but after three years of studying for my BAhons in Illustration at NUA, I finally found my niche in scientific and science influenced illustration. I struggled with more commonly found topics during my time at university, topics like mapping, narrative and social reportage, but found my work flourish at the sight of something a bit more mathematical and factual. Once I started my project, The Ugly Bestiary, (see skeleton images) during my final year at NUA, I knew that this was the way I could bring out my best work. I love taking information and trying to communicate it accurately and without bias but with a colourful and aesthetically pleasing twist, putting a new spin onto scientific illustration.’


‘Currently I am hoping to take The Ugly Bestiary further into – hopefully – a published state as well as some smaller versions. I’m also broadening my professional horizons to potential clients and agencies in the hope that I can see my illustrations in the wider world.’





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