Photography Graduate Hannah Inga Barney

Hannah Inga Barney has just gained her photography degree from the Bath School of Art & Design.

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“The series Vatn (meaning water) is the result of my photographic experiments and interactions with the Icelandic landscape. The process of making these images involves submerging the camera and film beneath the surface of the water at a number of locations, allowing it to seep inside the camera and soak into the film. Water acts directly upon the light-sensitive emulsion at the time the shutter is opened – place and time are absorbed into the material of the photograph. The unpredictable aesthetic effects of these physical encounters with water created the possibility for the landscape to become the picture. The abstract, meditative nature of the images aims to challenge photography’s primary function as a descriptive, evidential medium. These are not descriptive photographs of the Icelandic landscape, but photographs made in and by the landscape itself.”

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“Throughout my three year Photography degree at Bath School of Art & Design I have explored various genres of photography and explored my own person interests with it. Recently I was inspired by the photographer Rebecca Shannahan and the process artist Laurie Reynolds to embark on a journey of manipulating the film itself in the landscape. Their work is physical having been affected by their chosen elements and allowed me to think about the outcome of my photographs beyond what is traditional. From this I became fascinated with bringing a part of the landscape home with me on my photographs.

After graduation I am extremely keen to not only get the set of these submersions out into a gallery context but to also continue with the process of submerging my camera into a water landscape. I have a lot of unanswered questions from this experiment, the main one being: why are they blue?”

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