Southampton Solent Illustration Graduate Kirby Pyle

Kirby Pyle is graduating from Southampton Solent in November after studying BA (hons) Illustration for 3 years.


‘I am always trying new things with my work, I paint, collage, draw, lino/mono print and draw digitally. With my work I try to express an atmosphere so I use what ever method I think is suitable for the piece I am working on. While on my course I had based my project on my love for the sea and all the song, poems and art that comes with it.

I created 3d wood and collage pieces all in response to Tim Buckley’s song: Song to the Siren. I was exploring having different images on wood pieces like a puzzle, together they are grand and strong and when separated they seem frail, the song is about a love that can never be obtained, it can be seen and heard but never complete.’


‘Many things influence and inspire me, music is very important to me, it creates an atmosphere that I can Illustrate. I grew up watching horror films thanks to my mum, I love them. As well as fantasy and thriller such as The Labyrinth, Legend, Jurassic Park, Godzilla (the 60s ones and all). To sum me up perfectly I would cheer when the dinosaur/monster would eat the people, and cry when the dinosaur/monster was killed and defeated. Folklore tales are very inspiring, I look to see through the eyes of the storyteller.

Odilon Redon’s work I revisit often, not only do I find them a visual fest, they have so much atmosphere, his colour palette is truly magnificent. Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite for his surreal world of gold and pattern. Some contemporary Illustrator’s would be Lize Meddings her work is so beautiful and the amount of different leaves in her pieces made me look at nature more myself. A few others would be Cat Ho, Mei Stoyva, Meg Hunt, Lesley Barnes and so many more.’


‘I am currently working on making two comics, one is titled ‘Anyu’ and will combined the horror and fantasy I grew up with. In Anyu’s world he is the only child left alive. The other is titled ‘Red’ and will be a horror themed auto biography of me growing up, covering Barbie’s in red pen and saying the dinosaurs did it, among other things.’



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