Welsh Illustrator Eilish Burton

Eilish Burton is a Welsh Illustrator who recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University.

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‘I originally grew up on the border between Wales and England, doing my Foundation in Art and Design at Yale College Wrexham. Then I moved to Liverpool to complete my Degree. I am passionate about storytelling and constantly bring this aspect into my work; my inspirations are a mix of myths and legends, Sci-fi/ fantasy books and Graphic novels. I have learnt so much from studying Comic books and graphic novels, seeing how the illustrations are coupled with the story to engage the audience and I try to use the techniques I learn in my own work.

My illustration changes with each project because I am constantly looking at new ways of creating work, which means I develop new skills and techniques during each project. I love using my sketchbook and I am constantly drawing and painting. I prefer to use traditional forms of illustration; though in the last year of my degree I experimented by using digital mediums to create my work.’

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‘I am currently working as a freelance designer and developing personal projects but would love to one day work for publishing houses and illustrate all manner of stories, from children’s/young adult books to comics.’

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