Animation Artist & Illustrator Morgan Bobo

Morgan Bobo is an animation artist and illustrator. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in animation.

‘One of the main things I love about being an animator, are the amount of hats you’re allowed to wear under one medium. Depending on the project, you can be an animator, a graphic designer, an illustrator, a storyteller, a painter, an effects artist. Most of the time you’re specializing in one area, but it’s so amazing to all these different disciplines play off of each other and mesh into a beautiful whole. The variety of styles, methods, and ways of thinking keep me inspired and excited.’

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‘From day one I was a kid addicted to watching cartoons. Started with Looney Tunes, moved up to the Simpsons and Bruce Timm, the discovered the works of Satoshi Kon and Bill Plympton. But at the same time I have a great love modern art and design, painters like Mondrian and Klimt and designers like Peter Saville and Javier Mariscal.

Most of my professional experience has been in animation, I was an animator for seasons three and four of MAD for Cartoon Network and the 2D animation for Kane Place Record Club’s “Sunshine” music video. Currently I’m illustrating a children’s picture book, but I am also finishing up an animated short as well as being in the planing stages of a couple of comics.’





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