Dublin Based Illustrator Michael Sloane

Monaghan born and now based in Dublin Illustrator Michael Sloane graduated from the National College of Art and Design.


‘Like most illustrators and designers I’v been drawing and making pictures all my life. Growing up everything from comics, cartoons and children’s books, had a strong influence on me. The weekly Beano which I collected for many years as a child is where my interest in comics, storytelling and illustration began.’


‘During the four years at the National College of Art and Design my work and style undertook a drastic development. With guidance from my tutors and being surrounded with great artist from all disciplines my style began to come in to its own. Illustration was always something I leaned towards through college and in my final year I had the chance to really explore it.

I have always liked drawing characters with a lot of expression. If I’m drawing a character I want them to have a lot of life and movement about them. I mainly work with pencil, ink pens and markers before I bring the work into photoshop or illustrator. I tend to use quite strong bright colours in my work, giving them a graphic look.’

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‘Recently I have become interested in the relationship between image and words and how they work together as a whole to communicate an idea or message. Hand lettering is something I’m passionate about. I don’t like ‘fun fonts’ I would rather draw all the words by hand. By doing so I think that the text and the image marry together more fluidly and the illustration feels more genuine.

When I’m not doing work for clients I work on personal projects. One of which is a children’s book which I wrote last year but never got around to putting the finishing touches on. I hope to have if finished and published in the near future.’

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