Fashion Design Graduate Emma Robertson

Emma Robertson is a fashion design graduate from the University of Central Lancashire and specialises in menswear design.

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‘During my 4 years of study I completed internships with Alexander McQueen, Savile Row Tailors – English Cut, and sportswear company Sportswear International. Working in different areas of fashion, from womenswear couture to high-end menswear tailoring, to performance sportswear, I have been able to expand my pattern cutting, making skills and knowledge, which I have been able to reflect throughout my work.’

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‘My style of work is quite minimal, my final collection concentrated on the fusion of high end tailoring with sportswear details and that reflected through shape, cut and fabrication. Menswear design is all in the detail, but making sure that your silhouettes are strong is really key to making a look work. I really like oversized outerwear, big boxy coats and long jackets, that’s something I always seem to infuse into my collections.’

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‘I try to gain my research and initial influences from exhibitions. Whenever I start a new design project I visit local and national exhibits and museums, something that we always used to do at university, I still like to work in the same way now and find that even little things like quotes on the wall can become the starting point for my research. This is how my final collection began, with the Karl Lagerfeld quote ‘If you’re wearing track pants, you’ve given up”.’

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