Fine Art Illustrator Helen-Marie Kelly aka Heavy Duty Illustration

Helen-Marie Kelly (Heavy Duty Illustration) is a Derby based fine art illustrator, she has a passion for painted media and is currently studying at the University of Derby.

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‘My online business is to include information about myself and my 10-year journey in art education, including my experience teaching life drawing and an online store to sell a wide array of items by myself and other local artists. My Master of Design (Mdes) course is an important part of my development, as I am able to tailor the course to fit my own working style with regards to my future as an artist. During my first semester of this course I made it my goal to use and understand as many different forms of painted media as possible, ranging from water and oil based paints and inks all the way up to digital painting.

I would describe my work as a chameleon with a recognisable face: I mold work to fit a multitude of different scenarios, whilst keeping my style distinct. Self defined as a fine art illustrator I make it my intention to find new and innovative ways for my work to be represented, as I feel that imagery is an important and beautiful part of every day life. My work currently involves: Book Illustration; Editorial Illustration; Fine art paintings; Postcards and other such stationery products; Mural Painting; Craft and DIY items such as home ware and fashion. My latest endeavour involves digitally creating cross-stitch patterns from my paintings to put on to fabrics and clothing.’

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‘I have always been in love with art, especially that of the renaissance era. When I was five years old my school teacher told my mother that I would grow up to be an artist due to the way I drew. As I have spent so much time in education of a subject that not everybody deems worthy of studying I have encountered my own personal hurdles but have always striven to do what I love and respect. Being an artist isn’t easy but it is so very rewarding.’

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‘One of my best and most challenging experiences working as an artist has been painting a large-scale commission for a charity called Me&Dee which deals with making time for families with terminal conditions special. This commission changed all of my preconceptions about my work and what I wanted to achieve, especially due to it being aimed at children, which is something I never thought I’d want to do. If one person sees the image I created and finds comfort in it I have done my job. Watch this space.’

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