Freelance Illustrator David Boyes

David Boyes is an Illustrator from the UK with a born passion for art, he studied BA Illustration at the University of Northampton.

‘I love to use watercolours, HB pencils and Oil paints. I absorb a lot of inspiration from the amazing designs in nature. My joy for illustration ranges from illustrating adventure story’s to drawing portraits.’

Tiger's stare w

‘I studied BA Illustration at the University of Northampton and have just recently graduated with a first class degree which is a bonus! For my final major project I created my own illustrated children’s story which was exciting to see as a fully bound book towards the end of the course. The story was about two little foxes that go on an adventure and end up in a mysterious secret place with lush waterfalls and old ruins. I hope to one day get it published!

Aside from story’s I also want to go into the editorial side of things and get my art in magazines, so this is something I’m currently working on. During this year I have worked for Paper & Cloth design studios who hired me to create lot’s of illustrations for some clients in New York. This involved drawing lot’s of tigers, birds, pugs and all sorts really. It was a lot of fun and gave me lot’s of experience. It gave me a big confidence boost to know people are actually buying my illustrations! The theme to work around was, tropical wonder and safari, so how I got drawing pugs is beyond me but it seemed to go down well and was actually one of the pieces that got sold.’

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‘People who inspire me are Agnes Cecile and Noah Bradley. Agnes creates beautiful watercolour portraits whereas Noah is a digital concept artist. Despite this difference I just love his paintings. There are plenty of other artists who inspire me such as David Despau, Kareena Zerefos, Sandra Dieckman and Dear Prudence.

As mentioned before I’m currently pursuing editorial magazine illustration as a freelancer but am also planning on setting up my own Etsy shop inspired by the likes of Amber Alexander who sells all her watercolour’s as prints and cards. I guess you could say I am ambitious but ultimately my Christian religion comes first and I don’t want to be set on becoming super rich, just want to enjoy what I do and earn a comfortable living.’

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