Freelance Illustrator Joe Hance

Joe Hance is an Illustrator from the United Kingdom, he is a traditional illustrator with a contemporary twist. He spent his younger years drawing and making things typically out of lego – this was some years before the explosion of console games. But when the explosion hit, he found himself emersed within these all new fantasy worlds. Now grown up but still with a childish mind he draws these fantasies often featuring several robots too.


“Throughout my childhood I knew that when I became older and responsible that I would want to work making something! That is what has lead me to choose the career path I am travelling today – Although sometimes you think it may have been easier to be an accountant.”


Joe studied Art and Design at Harlow college where he was recognised for his creativity claiming the best in show prize at the end of the course. Joe then went on to study Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Hertfordshire where he successfully Graduated to become a creative in Design and Illustration. Like with many creative graduates he found himself in the big world searching for that first step to kickstart his career path, so he set about becoming a freelancer.

Like most starting up Illustrators Joe works a full-time job to keep himself afloat. He currently works as a freelance illustrator and is also employed in pre-press production for one of the countries leading specialising large format print companies. His most recent Illustration project were a series of book covers for a well known UK children’s education publisher which will be out later this year – typically these covers feature more of his trademark robots.”


“While I continue to establish myself in the industry I have short term aims to move further into a design based role, with intentions of one day hopefully reaching that ultimate goal of being a full-time Illustrator. Its a tough industry so it won’t be easy..”



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