Freelance Illustrator Maya Pletscher

Maya Pletscher is a recent graduate of Middlesex University after studying BA(Hons) Illustration.

maya pletscher Edward Snowden Tapestry

‘My work has evolved a lot over the years and will no doubt continue to do so in the future; I’m constantly inspired by new things, new ways of working. I’ve experimented with embroidery, love working with fabric and also work digitally, but the constant at the moment is gouache. My influences range from TV shows and films to travel and even politics and current affairs. For my graduate exhibition I made a tapestry telling the story of Edward Snowden & the NSA leaks, which was such an interesting story to try to illustrate as it’s so complex! I hand-embroidered, painted and screen printed the tapestry so it was quite a challenge as there was no room for mistakes, but it was great to get to grips with a large-scale narrative piece.

I like to treat my personal work as a bit of an escape, where I can celebrate beautiful or interesting landscapes, characters or stories that spring to mind. Right now I have a few different ideas and projects that I’m working on alongside each other, including a reportage project titled “Spotted” in which I capture people that I spot out and about who have dressed identically. It’s something that always makes me smile and is really about me capturing funny characters. Other projects I’m currently working on include a series of gifs about travel which may develop into a short animation, as well as zines and some short stories I’m developing about various characters that I’ve got in mind!’

maya pletscher Flamingo By Hand London

‘I also have some pattern designs being released for sale on fabric in an exciting collaboration with By Hand London that should be coming out in the next couple of months. Pattern design is another area that I love to work in and am excited to explore further; it’s fun to be able to focus on being very decorative and playful.’

maya pletscher Cacti Princess

maya pletscher Cowboy

maya pletscher Desert Landscape

maya pletscher Pink Ladies

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