Freelance Illustrator Rachel Orme

Rachel Orme has recently completed studies at Falmouth University with a degree in illustration. She is now working from her new studio in Hampshire, and looking forward to graduating with her coursemates this Autumn.


‘I am in love with colour. Whether it’s sombre or saturated, I love how colours sit next to each other, as they interact, clash or compliment.

My passion is for painting, and has been for as long as I can remember. I’ve played around with different media, and also digital painting, but it is the process of physically and applying paint that’s important to me. I usually start off with pencil sketches and develop these into a final design. I would then take this into Photoshop to very quickly digitally paint, to get a sense of the colour and tone I’m after, before getting the paint tubes out!’


‘Recently, I’ve been interested in short stories, and the momentary glimpse they offer of a new idea or event. Reflecting this, a lot of my artwork shows symbolism or a snippet of an image, as I don’t like to give the whole idea away instantly. This way it involves the viewer more, as they can fill in the gaps themselves, and hopefully make it more personal as they have their own interpretation.

I am also part of a collaborative called The B-Side Club, which creates a fresh illustrative take on the idea of the mixtape. Nowadays, as owning books and music seems to be becoming a novelty, I think it’s important that we really use illustration to celebrate these things, to turn them into precious objects.’





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