Graphic Design Graduate Adam Lenz

A Graphic Design & Illustration graduate from LJMU, Adam Lenz is now based in Liverpool.

“Why have you done this?” was the most frequently asked question at university. My design work tends to speak for its self, but it became a good practice to explain your work as though you were talking to a potential client. After studying a BA (hons) in Graphic design & Illustration at LJMU, I’m now driven to think conceptually, coming up with ideas that influence my design work.

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‘As a conceptual thinker, the most important aspect to my work is research. It’s what drives me to create new ideas for potential projects. For my northern vernacular work, a dictionary of illustrated typography of northern phrases and slang, the book required me to ask people from different areas of the north for phrases native to their region. The concept for this project came to me when i realised that a lot of the students sometimes struggled to understand some of the phrases i use, so i wanted to produce a publication that was personal to me.’

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‘Furthermore, I tend to not take myself too seriously when it comes to my work. I always love to create pieces that allow people to interact and have fun. I collaborated with fellow designer, Dan Goodwin in producing a series of posters that could fold up in to origami footballs; they were sent out to some of the biggest design agencies in the north, to invite them to a football tournament, set up by ‘Spiel Magazine’.’

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‘The main thing that inspires me is Typography and language, I love playing around with new typefaces. Other than design, many things inspire me. I can be watching a movie and I will see a scene and it will spark my creative thinking. Also, I like to think my blunt sense of humour shines through in some of my work.

I’m currently pursuing a career in branding & print, trying to get my name out there to design agencies. So for now I’m doing whatever freelance I can do, to increase my portfolio. You can say I’m just out trying to get my foot in the doorway of graphic design.’

Website | @Lenzarrr