Graphic Design Graduate Adam Turney

Adam Turney is a recent graphic design graduate of Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, who is currently looking to expand on his industry experience.

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‘The way in which I design is informed by my academic research, my time at university allowed me to gain a wealth of new skills due to the great facilities and staff it had to offer, I was also able to enroll on a work placement due to the University’s connections, giving me invaluable industry experience. The course itself had a particular focus on typography, teaching us the importance of communication. I gained new friends and was offered many opportunities to heighten my experience within industry.’

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‘I recently enrolled on a work placement for three weeks in a design and PR agency based in Cambridge. The experience taught me the fundamentals of working in a studio, and the importance of teamwork and co-operation within a collective. During my time in the placement I visited and communicated with clients to gain an insight into their requirements. The connections I built through university enabled me to develop my public speaking and ability to present within conferences and committees. A prime example of this was when I took part in the Transatlantic Dialogues Conference held at Anglia Ruskin University, which saw me present the thinking and concepts behind my major project, to an audience of forty visiting American graphic design and Illustration students. In addition I have worked with the estates department at Anglia Ruskin University to redevelop their wayfinding system, where I presented to the department and liaised with a sign painting company to produce a more effective system.’

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‘I enjoy producing work that is either print or web based, originality is a key component when dealing with any brief, I often produce work that is clean and offers clear communication. Typography is a very important element to any piece of work I create; I handle it with great care, due to the nature of my course.

Most recently, for my major project, I produced a series of typographic installations that raised awareness of changes to art and design subjects in secondary education. The typographic installations used ‘change’ as a key element, and would gradually change either naturally or by myself adding to it. For example using posters I was able to create a form of visual communication that fit the context of a urban underpass setting, taking on the same method as flyposting, my posters were only temporary. Over a period of two weeks I would add to the series 
of posters, one at a time. In the beginning the message was very unclear, consisting of only a small number of letters, I would hope as a message grew it would inspire curiosity within passers-by and encourage them to research what the changes meant. Naturally as the number of posters grew, it would evoke a sense of change, representing the education reformation. The installations were set in the rural and urban landscape to convey that the changes could have affected everyone’s education.’

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