Graphic Design Graduate Jordan Yates

Jordan Yates is a recent graphic design graduate from Salford University, now looking for a job in the design industry.

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‘I enjoy working in every area of design and whilst at university, I’ve always aimed to experiment and test out different mediums and techniques within design whilst trying to ensure that the passion and enthusiasm for my work has shone through.

A good example of this was my final major project, in which I had to brand a new mixed drink experience called “Coffetea” which is a mixed coffee and tea drink. No matter how many designs I went through I couldn’t seem to get the right style to fit the brief.

It needed to be quirky and visually different to what was already on the shelves, so after some targeted market research it became clear that darker colours used in big coffee brands needed to be avoided to help it stand out against them.’

jordan yates coffee tea

‘I was really struggling to find a design which would fit coffetea’s quirky style, and after hours and hours on illustrator I found I was getting no where. One weekend I decided to shut my laptop and get drawing/painting – the result helped me find a mixed inking technique called marbling, which is a technique where by you drop different coloured ink into a bath of water then mixed it around before placing your paper onto it so that it absorbs the mixed colour.

It gave off a stunning visual effect which was both quirky and stood out through use of it’s bold colours. The marbling technique then became a basis for my entire project and was brought into all aspects of the design brief, it became the branding for “Coffetea” and helped be even broader the brief by adding different flavours such as caramel coffetea. I learnt that there’s never an easy way to answer a brief, but if your really stuck, getting a way from your MacBook can give you the breathing space you need to get the inspiration you need to finish a project to the best of your ability.’

jordan yates

jordan yates graphic design

jordan yates graphic designer

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