Graphic Design Graduate Mike Carney

Mike Carney is a recent graphic design graduate from Salford University, specialising in branding and logo design.

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‘Like many design students, I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to see what my strengths are, and more importantly, my weaknesses. For example, one of my more irritating weaknesses was logo design, in the sense that I loved designing logos and wanted to get better no matter what. It was only after I accepted this a personal failure, that I was able to see where I was going wrong and improve upon it. When I was a child, I was constantly admiring design before I even knew what graphic design was. It wasn’t until college that I realised what I had been looking at and decided this was to be my career choice.

I was shy when I was much younger, to the point of stuttering and complete refusal to speak to fellow classmates. But that acceptance of my personal weaknesses allowed me to mature in confidence. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to get up and speak about your work in a room full of people, but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge by purposely throwing myself into whatever I do. This was why I enjoyed my final project so much. It was stressful, but actually being able to hold a concept in your hands, which 14 weeks ago was just a scrawling on a post-it is the best feeling in the world.’

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‘My final project revolved around the idea of designing logos at a rate of 5 a week. This was to show a progression of how I improved and could take ideas – no matter how outlandish – and create something unique. These ideas, given to me by literally pointing at fellow students and saying “Give me a subject and audience”, worked out really well. It was always so fun much fun designing them and every week, I’d welcome the strange and unique barrage of ideas being thrown at me. I firmly believe that a logo needs a strong concept behind it, and this is why I chose to make the book out of good old sturdy plywood.

I wanted this project to be my Magnum Opus of university, so I decided to put my all into it, by showing that I could design not only something physical, but also a iPad version of the book (which I may put on the App Store) and website showcasing my logos. Furthermore, I took one of my logos and expanded it into a more defined brand.’

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‘Today, I am currently on a placement with Midas Touch Media, helping them with a variety of clients, and am looking for jobs within my chosen field and as many placements/internships as I can get my hands on.’

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