Graphic Designer and Illustrator Sami Sechante

Sami Sechante is a self taught illustrator currently studying Graphic Design at the echnological Institute of Athens.

Celosia Orange1

‘I am a Graphic Design student at the Technological Institute of Athens currently at my 7th semester and a self-taught Illustrator . I also studied 6 months at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in Germany where I participated in some great projects. The result of these projects gave me the chance to get accepted at an advertising agency in Berlin,Germany as an Graphic Design Intern, starting next year. I am based in Greece and Germany but i have a tendency to travel and meet the world.’

Burst into Flames

‘As a graphic designer , my style is very minimal and I don’t use many colors, but as an Illustrator , color is one way of expressing my feelings to the world .There are a lot of places were I gain inspiration such as design magazines and websites but for me the best way to get inspired is to travel around the world and meet new cultures by living the way natives live.

Art&Design is not just my work but also my passion. My most notable design projects are the one’s that I had a blast while working on them such as the Corporate Identity for a non-profit organization in Germany (IPPH) , illustrations for the ”Die Tageszeitung” newspaper in Berlin, a Greek wine label called ‘Dryousa’ and some digital paintings.’


Logo (IPPH)

Illustrations Sample (Die Tageszeitung)

Dryousa Wine