Graphic Designer Rachael O’Flaherty aka RAOF design

Graphic Designer Rachael O’Flaherty (RAOF design), graduate from Teesside University in Graphic Design (specialising in Advertising).

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‘I think I am definitely more of a quirky designer, particularly when it comes to colour use and working with more unusual formats such as paper engineering and stop motion. Although I also love beautiful type and branding, I’ve never felt the need to “fit in” with the Helvetica crowd – as much as I appreciate it from the outside it’s never really felt like me.

I guess my love of design comes from growing up in the colourful madness of the 90’s with TV shows such as Art Attack and ZZZap. At college I was really torn between wanting to do music and design at uni, but it was studying Graphic Design at A-Level that really made my mind up. The work was intensive and involved creating large sketchbooks full of collages, illustrations and constant idea generating. Even though it was exhausting I loved how creative the whole process was. I went on to get my degree in Graphic Design at Teesside University in 2012, specialising in Advertising.’

‘My current projects have involved incorporating my design work within my blog and YouTube channel, Pale Skin Make Up. Recently this included creating a stop motion piece to demonstrate nail trends for Spring/Summer. I want to create similar projects as not only does it allow me to fuse together my different passions, but also I think it gives the viewer something unexpected in a market that is heavily saturated with the same type of videos.

I’d really like to continue making creative work for my channel, but my main aim is to join a like minded design agency and I’m currently in the process of relocating to hopefully make that happen!’




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