How to Get a Graphic Design Internship by Roberto Blake

How to Get a Graphic Design Internship

One of the most important things Graphic Design students can do to give themselves an advantage entering the workforce is landing a good internship. Internships will usually help you fill out a resume that would otherwise be very thin and will make you seem like less of a risk to employers, which s extremely important.  There are also several other advantages to consider:

Benefits of a Graphic Design Internship

  • On the job real world experience
  • Advice and guidance from experienced mentors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Potential for real world work for your portfolio
  • Recommendations and referrals
  • Future job opportunity with the company

How To Get a Graphic Design Internship

How to Get a Graphic Design Internship by Roberto Blake

How to Get a Graphic Design Internship by Roberto Blake

Your professors and your career centre are going to be the key to you landing a Graphic Design Internship in most cases. They will have the necessary connections and network of people to put you in touch with and will be able to help you prepare.  You’ll need to put your resume in order as well as a portfolio. I also recommend that you create some basic type of business card to help you look professional and to be able to give to everyone you meet through the internship if you get it, so that they can keep in touch with you and have a good impression of you.

If you want to find an internship on your own, there are certainly many job boards and websites you can visit such as glass door and indeed, but you should also look among any jobs boards you may come across online. Also reach out to friends and local businesses that many need an intern or an assistant. You may find some value in an internship outside graphic design, such as office work or photography. I highly recommend taking on an internship at a print shop if at all possible, since it will be essential as a designer for you to understand the print production process and you can learn a great deal that will help you in developing relationships with printers later.

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