Illustration and Visual Media LCC Graduate Sanyu Kiyingi

Sanyu Kiyingi is an illustrator/surface designer who graduated from London College of Communication in Illustration and Visual Media.

‘My work is mainly print-based but I also enjoy working in moving image, sculpture and papercraft. Studying at LCC was a great experience because I got to work with people with diverse creative styles which constantly pushed me to question my own practice. The university’s wide range of facilities also enabled me to experiment freely with different techniques and hone my skills in screenprinting and model making.

Most of my projects have revolved around various scientific themes ranging from electricity to butterflies. I am interested in how things work and using colour and shape to portray my research in a playful illustrative manner.’


‘My last project was exploring the beauty of rough gemstones. This involved looking at the various processes of gems formation and the impurities that differentiate them from refined gems. The aim was to translate various aspects of the research in familiar visual formats such as manipulating the gem physical structures to create a geometric typeface, referencing gem blemishes to form textural patterns.’





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