Illustration Graduate Adam Menzies

Adam Menzies is an Illustrator based in Bradford, a recent Illustration Graduate from the University of Derby.


‘Ever since I can remember I have always been interested in drawing, painting and creating things. Only since I started my Art foundation a few years ago did I actually want to become an illustrator, Thats where I chose to go to Derby to specialise in it. In my time at Derby I feel I have developed and refined my own unique style.

Most of the illustrations I create are sketched out then inked by hand, scanned in to the computer and finished there. My illustrations often include Bright, bold but stripped back colour palettes, with a lot of pattern for decoration, texture and depth. The themes in my work are quite diverse and range from silly, humorous and surreal to quite dark and serious but usually just surreal and silly. Ever since the beginning of my third year I always had some kind of irrational fear of illustrating characters and people as I thought that was my weakness. I set out to change this and for my final projects I created a non spoken word graphic novel and a six double paged Zine on useless and crazy inventions, both heavily reliant on characters.’


‘For my Inventions project below I was influenced by the 101 useless japanese inventions book as well as Buzz feed and other internet lists you see containing crazy inventions such as hairy leggings and treadmill scooters etc… It’s basically a spot the invention picture book.’



‘The influence for my graphic novel ‘Artifact’ came from old school science fiction movies, books, graphic novels and comics. Originally it was intended to be a Children’s book I think its audience is almost anyone. The story is about an Artifact hunter who stumbles upon a strange orb that grants him strange visions.’



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