Mixed Media Artist Elnaz Yazdani

Elnaz Yazdani is a mixed media artist currently based in Manchester, newly graduated from Textiles at the Manchester School of Art.


‘Throughout my degree I specialised in ‘Embroidery’, my practice was focused on challenging the process of embroidery by combining scientific processes. Throughout my third year I combined the scientific process of magnetism with embroidery. By experimenting with the forces of attraction and repulsion I have discovered new ways in which to embellish, attach and connect materials through magnetism.

This way of working resulted in my work having a hybrid nature that crossed boundaries between sculpture, body adornment, fashion, costume and architectural installations.’

magnetic jewellery

‘I am inspired by ideas around the body of the future and future architectural spaces; I am keen to explore materials whilst thinking about future technology and science. I often work around the human form using non-traditional recycled textile materials and using filmmaking as a way to blur the boundaries between body, material and architecture.’

magnetic interactive sculpture

‘When you take something scientific like magnetism which can be considered aesthetically cold and combine it with a craft like embroidery you can begin to create something beautiful and futuristic.’ Elnaz Yazdani 2014

Now I have graduated I am currently working on personal projects & collaborative filming before heading to Amsterdam to undergo a placement with Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen. I am available for commissions and collaborative projects upon requests, please feel free to contact me.

sculptural embroidery

magnetic costume fur

magnetic cloth

fashion embroidery

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