Sheffield Hallam Animation Student Callie Booth

Callie Booth is a Masters Student in Animation at Sheffield Hallam University, currently working on personal projects and her next animated short film.

‘I’ve been in love with drawing my whole life. I started drawing digitally when I was 11 and got my first graphics tablet aged 13. Over the last 12 years I’ve shifted back and fourth between digital and traditional art although these days my work is primarily done digitally. I recently invested in a tablet monitor (the “Yiynova”) which has helped me find a happy balance between the two. Although I’m interested in many different forms of art my favourite things to work on are illustrations and concept art.

I’m currently studying for a Masters degree in Animation at Sheffield Hallam University (UK), with my fourth and final year beginning this October. University has turned my hobby into my career – before studying I had little faith that people could make a living from art, whereas now I am utterly convinced that it’s possible as long as I’m determined, dedicated and enthusiastic. I chose to study Animation as I felt it would give me the opportunity to explore a totally different, unique and exciting area of art that I wanted to learn more about.’

Callie Booth 2 jon snow game of thrones illustration

‘My art and desire to create is influenced by so many things – my life experiences, the people I look up to, the television and movies that I love. Graphic novels are my single greatest source of inspiration, they vary so drastically yet I can find something to appreciate in every one that I’ve read. The amount of effort and personality that goes into comic art blows my mind. To work on a published comic/graphic novel is one of my biggest aspirations. I’m also very involved in the online art community and would list Lois Van Baarle, Craig Thompson and Cameron Stewart as my favourite artists.’

Callie Booth 3 kickass illustration

‘Currently i’m spending this final Summer break on personal projects to improve my portfolio. This includes working on my environment art skills, short comics and a few private portraiture commissions. I’ve also begun plotting and sketching ideas for my next animated short (my graduate project) which I hope will be a leap in quality and maturity from this previous years film (“Night of a Thousand Felines).’

Calie Booth 1 khaleesi game of thrones illustraiton

Callie Booth 4 boadwalk empire illustration

Callie Booth 5

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