Surface Designer and Illustrator Kelly Hatt

Kelly Hatt is a UK based Surface Designer and Illustrator who studied at Bucks New University and graduated in 2010.


‘Since working for a luxury lighting designer for three years I decided to pursue my dream of running my own business.

I initially started to explore the process of working with metals, perspex and fabric in my final year at university. My exploration of the accidental scuffs and intentional graffiti scratches, created by unknown people on public buses, inspired my mixed media collection of illustrations called ‘Anonymous Shadows’. I love the juxtaposition of the delicate and industrial materials and have been developing this process ever since.’


‘I am now working on a new collection of aluminium illustrations inspired by the boulevards of Paris with their grand buildings, intricate iron works and repetitive small windows. One of these pieces with also be transformed into a console table design which I hope to be the start of a new product line. I am also working on a large three metre long collage illustration inspired by old London buildings which I am really excited about showing in exhibitions at the end of this year.’



Website | @KellyHatt_