Texile & Surface Designer Sophie Thompson

Sophie Thompson is a textile and surface designer who has recently gained a First Class Honours degree from Nottingham Trent University. She specialises in designing for homewares, wallpapers and furnishings creating unique and luxury designs.

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Her drawing process is greatly inspired by nature and she enjoys using ink to capture the beauty of nature in an illustrative way as well as the beauty of ink when it interacts with water. By working with a variety of media she builds up layers of detail to create imagery with a unique and dramatic style. She enjoys experimenting with traditional printing making techniques in a fresh contemporary way by combining and enhancing imagery with digital processes. Her considered use of digital processes works to retain the delicate and textural hand finished qualities of the imagery. By using a varied range of unusual printmaking processes such as cyanotype and photographic collage she aims to challenge conventional perceptions of interior furnishings.


Sophie’s most recent collection is called ‘In the Undergrowth’ and focuses on the forest floor of British woodland. This project aimed to explore this dark and mysterious environment under our feet to uncover the diversity of tiny plants and creatures that could be hidden amongst the tangled and layered foliage. Layering, silhouettes, ombre, light and dark were essential to create a moody feel. The concept also focused on the objects that may have been dropped and lost by passers by, now lying concealed in the undergrowth waiting to be discovered.





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