Textile Designer Lucy Simpson

Lucy Simpson gained her degree and MA in Textile Design from Edinburgh College, her latest project saw her experiment with the use of silicon and plastics.

necklace in collaboration with jewellery designer Emelie Westerlund

“The presence of digital technology has pushed me as a designer to further experiment with innovative hand techniques using unconventional and traditional materials, creating exciting relief-like structures on the fabric’s surface.

I have chosen to incorporate my use of the material silicone and conventional print binders, with digital printing and laser cutting techniques, to further emphasise the beauty of the handmade, bringing a sense of tactility and to create the urge to reach-out-and-touch back to textile design. I strongly believe that tactile surfaces need to be included within both interior and product design as the use of computers and technology make us desire a sense of touch.”

silicone dogtooth print

“I feel that there is a lack of understanding of what textiles can be and it is this that partially drives my work as I aim to allow the viewer to wonder just what textiles is by using alternative materials and techniques to investigate the limitations of the medium as a craft. I believe my techniques could have various applications within fashion + accessories, interiors and car interior contexts.”

silicone dogtooth print2

silicone print bag

silicone print skirt and bracelet

silicone samples

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