Textiles Crafts Graduate Jennifer Moors

Jennifer Moors is a recent graduate from the University of Huddersfield where she studied Textiles Crafts.


‘Focusing on her digitals the suggested market: Material styling, props and publications for magazine trends. The collection ‘Nascent’ explores material exploration combined with visual styling producing fresh new imagery for future trends. Exploring material processes, which raises awareness of the current shift in relationship between human and nature. Scavenging for abandoned plants and shabby objects which are often considered as ‘ugly’ Moor’s styles the objects in a way that becomes aesthetically pleasing.’


‘As a designer/stylist Jennifer has a natural talent when it comes to working with unconventional materials and visual styling, she uses visual styling in a fun expressive way. Refining material processes outlining material exploration in relation to re-creating material identity through concentrating on the behaviour of the material during its making process, which ultimately challenges the use of materials , combined with visual styling to produce a fresh new trend for future textiles.’





Website | @imjennifermoors