Textiles Design for Fashion Graduate Fiona Coupe

Fiona Coupe is a graduate in ‘Textiles Design for Fashion and Interiors’ from Bath Spa University.


‘I have become increasingly interested in combining hand and machine knitting skills with other more experimental processes. My final degree project, Grotesque Elegance creates an impact – ‘a beautiful nightmare’. It demonstrates the forever changing state of emotion through the anatomy of the human body. I have created knitted and constructed pieces which interact with the body, and have styled them in an impacting editorial photo shoots to portray the emotions: Fragility, Frustration and Claustrophobia. I have also collaborated with a contemporary dance student to enhance the provoked emotions.’


‘I’m fascinated by experimental, spontaneous processes and use knitting to create an innovative response. But I am also interested in flamboyant intriguing styling. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with materials which stretch, and are manipulated with movement of the body. I have been inspired by the preserved anatomical specimens at the Hunterian Museum in London, nightmares, and unstable emotions. I find inspiration in unusual things which are not generally perceived as beautiful, which makes my work innovative.’


Website | @FionaCoupe