UCA Illustration Graduate Croydon Nitty

Croydon Nitty aka Daley is a graduate from UCA finishing with a BA Hons in Illustration.


‘My alias came about after a project I did based on random selection and has stuck as a tribute to my hometown (and my friends put words together of which I picked out of a hat lol). For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing. Everyone has weird dreams when their young but most of the wacky ideas I came up with surrounded some creative field. Comic book art, drawing scenes from Dragonball Z (too good a show!) and organizing drawing clubs with friends helped me stay out of trouble as well as improve skills. Secondary school was probably the first time I realized it wasn’t just a hobby but something I wanted to pursue. My tutors were supportive of my ideas and helped me put more representations of my life experiences within my work.

Through courses at Kingston College and UCA I began to develop more of an understanding of the world of illustration. There’s nothing I love more than having people be able to see the world the way I do. Surrealism has always highly influenced me and I always try, to give my audience a different perspective of common knowledge whether it is controversial, diverse or expressive. Rene Magritte is my life! I’ve loved his work since I was about 14. The more I viewed his work was the more I felt I knew him or understood a lil what he was experiencing (as weird as that sounds). Through my courses I have now gained a lot of respect for people within my industry cause there’s some pretty amazing illustrators like Mr Bingo, James Jean, Killer Acid (I could go on). Being great at what I do is not something I am working on, its being able to enjoy every bit of work I commit myself to. Every piece is imperfect, as am I.’


‘Having just graduated I am currently working on me and finding my niche within the creative sector. Since my Grad show I have taken part in New Designers as well as a show curated by The Lonely Londoners, creating artistic responses to a play. I’m really enjoying the flexibility of Freelance illustration as I get to enter some pretty cool competitions as well as it meaning I am constantly kept busy (which probably sounds really boring but I’m doing what I love!).’

NWH - blindness

‘My current project “Nothing Without Health” is ongoing. The idea came to me as I sat in a hospital waiting room (bored out my mind) reading leaflets while I was waiting to speak to the doctor. Taking in the environment and reading through leaflets (with dyslexia slowing distracting me from the text) I realized the views of those suffering from illnesses like diabetes, cancer, asthma and so forth are never properly portrayed within them. People will read and forget a leaflet so I’m working on something that people will find harder to forget haha! Honestly is super challenging but I feel like it would be something highly beneficial, like my super weird way of giving back to society.’

every life

kiss of death

time heals all wounds

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