UWE Graphic Design Graduate Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell recently received a First Class BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree where she studied at the University West of England.

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‘I have always loved the hands-on approach with print including screen printing, letterpress, the risograph and binding my own books. However, I am becoming more and more interested in the digital and interactive side of design, which I have started exploring much more and want to keep developing. In the final year I concentrated on the theme of voluntary work, as it is something that I do as a hobby. It was great to focus on one particular topic because it meant I could properly delve right into it.’

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‘Through the project I created a publication on the Royal Voluntary Service including interviews; one being with a 104 year old lady that was part of the Women’s Voluntary Services during the war. Through this book I went on to find out how Costa had taken over the Royal Voluntary Service’s cafe’s in many hospitals. There I created a sandwich board sign to put outside of the Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital.’

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