Winchester School of Art Creative Graduate Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh is a graduate from Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.

Paper Tubes

‘I have a strong passion for publishing, branding, graphic design, motion and illustration. As a graphic artist I aim to make vibrant visuals that can be rich, engaging and attain sophistication. As much as there is a cognitive thinking process behind every design, I like to portray my ideas with new mediums in order to produce a visual pleasure.’

The Cafe

‘I believe there is no such thing as a graphic designer or illustrator. University gives us a discipline to work and perhaps you are stuck with it, and I can say they judge you and sometime push the best idea which is not right on their standard. There is no right or wrong in design, it is just what you see and what you want to see. If you can design, I think you can design anything. What is so difficult to understand there? Personally, my work is inspired from people’s conversations, physical surroundings, and objects that catch my eye; particularly the obscure and interesting.

Currently, I am working on exploring and learning more about designing from my perspective. How every design be it simple or complicated takes same amount of thinking process and sometimes is more challenging. Conveying an idea in most simple form. Simplicity and aesthetic beauty has become more of my interest and I want to see my work in every possible domain. Take risk, learn, adapt, and be positive. We all know what looks good, we just need to make it better.’

Holy Summer




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