Character Designer & Freelance Illustrator Rachel Alderson

A graduate of illustration the University of Huddersfield, Rachel Alderson now works as a freelance illustrator and character designer (as well as running her own brand Monster Trunk Collectables.)


‘Growing up I was always interested in anything creative, but more than anything I always wanted to be a forensic scientist. I spent most of my nights watching CSI with my mum and actually spent a year in 6th form studying forensic science which is when I realised it just wasn’t for me. I randomly chose to take up art and design at my local college, and as soon as my tutor introduced me to the work of Jeremy Fish I was hooked and literally spent the whole of my second year with my head buried into books, getting as much input from my tutors as I could and I made sure I was always learning something new.

Attending University wasn’t really worth it for me, but I decided to stick it out, work hard on my projects and work even harder on my own ideas at home. I always knew growing up that no matter what, I never wanted to be stuck in a dead end 9-5 job, so as I was nearing the end of my degree I decided to take the jump and set up my own clothing company and also start working as a freelancer.’

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‘My main passion is characters and storytelling especially when it comes to weird monsters and creatures so a lot of my inspiration comes from playing a lot of video games and watching animated children’s films with PIXAR films being my favourite by far. These inspirations and my love for characters and stories also became the theme for my brand Monster Trunk Collectables where I create unique, limited edition products and squeeze in as many characters as I can. I’m currently planning some exciting releases for Monster Trunk which could see Monster Trunks first jumper and a really fun release for Halloween too, and at the end of September there’ll be a really exciting physical release which will be completely free to anyone who wants one!’

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